On February 2nd over 2,000 Northeastern University and other Boston area students will attend the Northeastern Barstool Blackout Party at the House of Blues. This party symbolizes Barstool Sports’ perpetuation of misogyny and Northeastern’s hesitation to publicly denounce it.

Join us as we Knockout Barstool Sports in protest of their continued dehumanization of women and desensitization of rape and sexual assault.

We will have a speak-out against misogyny, sexism and gender-based violence in the freshmen quad of Northeastern’s campus (outside of Speare Hall and Stetson East) at 6:30pm, and march to the House of Blues Boston at 7:30pm where we will rally.

Our march to the House of Blues will be our alterna-party. Bring your glow sticks, whistles, noise makers, girl-power songs and dancing shoes as we demonstrate that fun parties don’t have to come at the expense of personal safety. 

At the House of Blues we will send our message loud and clear to Northeastern, the House of Blues, and to Barstool Sports: Rape, the act of or joking of, is intolerable.




I explained, as best I could, why longboards suck on The Classical. 

“A popular New York City skateboarding blog recently speculated that, should a longboarder, coaxed onto First Avenue or any other busy street by the false sense of security that longboards provide their users, get killed by a passing vehicle, the City of New York might move to ban skateboarding from the street entirely—missing the distinction between longboards and skateboards, longboarders and skateboarders, with skateboarders getting the raw end of the stick.”


Which is why you don’t longboard in the city, you do it on the boardwalk or in the mountains.  I’m down with both kinds of riding, they’re completely separate entities.

Longboards suck, longboarding sucks, longboard culture sucks, etc. Why anyone would willingly ride one is beyond me.